On-time. On-budget.

As one of Southwestern Ontario’s leading commercial contractors, Elgin Contracting has earned an industry-wide reputation for consistently delivering quality projects on-time and on-budget. Our team takes great pride in our approach to every aspect of a project, from pre-construction to completion. With a deep understanding of the building trade, Elgin realizes that being both hands-on and high-tech are crucial components to succeed in today’s commercial construction industry.

Preserving History is a Delicate Process

Heritage building materials often have different mechanical and chemical properties than modern construction materials. In designing solutions we carefully consider old and new materials compatibility to be sympathetic to the architectural character of the original building.

Quality In Every Project

We strive to provide the best quality in every project we work on, no project is too small or big to give our absolute best.


We bring foundation footings and structure up to modern building codes to ensure the building envelope is safe and stable for years to come. Our experience in restoration ensures our general contracting solutions exceed your expectations and abide by Provincial Building Codes.


Our general contracting and restoration professionals fit your building with modern plumbing, electrical systems, communications, entertainment and security systems and energy efficient mechanical systems to considerably reduce your carbon footprint and energy needs.


Installing thermally efficient doors and windows will improve your building envelope. We remove inefficient boilers and asbestos wrapped metal pipes and replace them with high efficiency boilers and compact radiant radiators to save energy costs and boost comfort.


Rather than scrapping old materials, Elgin’s crew of restoration experts reuses the historical woodwork and period elements to restore the building as accurately as possible right down to historic paint colours and finishes. For masonry work we understand the demands that Ontario’s climate places on concrete block, brick and stone that has been bonded together with a soft mortar bed.


When original elements of the building are not salvageable, our team has the skills to precisely recreate architectural details that would otherwise be lost.We understand the many intricacies involved in the historical preservation process, and work hand in hand with property owners to deliver a project with unsurpassed quality that blends seamlessly with existing aesthetics.


When you restore a historical building, it’s important to keep it maintained to preserve it for the future. Protect your investment for years to come by having our professionals maintain your newly built building. We understand the interface between old and new construction materials. Applying this knowledge will help your historic property age gracefully.

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