We offer professional services for all your contracting needs.

With many years working in the construction industry, we are confident that we can offer top quality workmanship and competitive pricing.
We pride ourselves on completing all projects following industry safety procedures and standards.

General Contracting

General Contracting is the most common form of construction contract used today. Elgin Contracting has successfully taken the role of General Contractor on numerous construction projects for both the private and public sectors.


Construction Management

Elgin manages projects on-site coordinating all sub-trades on behalf of the client’s project requirements. Permits, inspections and material delivery is all coordinated through the Elgin Project Trailer.


Historic & Stone Restoration

Elgin Contracting specializes in stone restoration and tuckpointing services for commercial and residential purposes. We perform all types of exterior and interior building surface restoration and preservation.


Let's get the JOB DONE RIGHT with our experienced PROFESSIONALS